1. Keep ‘em coming!

    I wanted to thank everybody who gave me suggestions of themes for my posts,  and I wanted to say: keep them coming! I mean, I’ll try to post some illustrations (probably 5) related to one of the themes suggested every Saturday. If any of you want to follow these suggestions I’ll tag them with ‘request’.

    Now, about the submissions. How cool it would be if I could reserve Sundays for submissions?! Only submissions on Sunday! That’d be really nice eh? But for that I’d need a good number of submission. So If you want to share your art with us or know someone who’d like to do so send it to me, give the proper credits and it will be posted here.

    That’s it! Spread the word, let everybody know! Reblog this, tell a friend, use Morse code, smoke signs, I don’t know… anyway, thanks for the attention and keep the suggestions AND submissions coming!

    Any thoughts or doubts talk to me.


  2. Suggestions and Submissions!

    So, I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and well, here it goes.

    First of all: I really appreciate all my followers. I’m really glad that you spend some time on my blog, looking around and sometimes sending a message. That’s very nice and I thank you all for that.

    Second: Since I have so wonderful followers, I wanted to know what kind of illustrations you would like to see on the blog, a theme for the day if you will. Send me a message with what you would like to see on the posts, for example Dragon, Knights, Environment, Landscape, Castle. Also the concept art for a game or a movie, even the works of a specific artist, send me the name of the game/movie/artist and I’ll see what I can do.

    And third: I know some of my followers are artists and if you’d like to give me the honor to post some work of your own, let me know, submit it!

    Well I guess that’s all. Thank you very much for the attention.


  3. If you’re an artist.

    I don’t mean to claim authorship over your work, I just liked it and wanted to share your amazing talent.

    If you don’t like having your work on this blog, please let me know I’ll remove it as fast as I can.

    If your work is here and uncredited (on early posts), please let me know so I can give proper credit.

    Any problems talk to me.


  4. Attention!

    This is an appreciation blog!

    "But Defenestrador what does that mean?!"

    Well it means I don’t produce or own any of the artwork I post here. And I thought I had made it clear by mentioning the artist and linking their website and/or blog in every post.

    "If these aren’t your work why do keep this blog?"

    I like it and I want to do it. That’s enough for me, but I also want to share all these awesome art with people, that’s all.

    "Cool, cool. I left you a message in the ask and you never answered me!"

    If I never answered you, that’s because your are a anonymous message, I won’t post messages on the blog (unless as an accident), I will gladly answer you privately and if you’re anon I can’t do that.

    So enjoy the art, don’t remove the credit as you reblog the posts because that just sucks. If you really like the artist go support them, buy a print, say to them that they’re cool, I don’t know OK? Nice!

    Any problems talk to me.