1. Dryad Arbor, by Brad Rigney.

  2. Fungal Sprouting, by Brad Rigney.

  3. The Dreamcatcher, by Erin Kelso.

  4. Harpy, by Erin Kelso.

  5. creativesauce:

    Escadia street ways concept:
    It is the focal point of commerce. Having been built and rebuilt over the centuries the city’s foundation hold many secrets, labyrinths, and stories. Located in the lower districts are the markets and merchant waterways. Moving up to residential areas and even higher is business sectors and high rise plazas, followed by vistas right on the outskirts at the shore. Many different races can be found here hoping to build a more secure life.

  6. creativesauce:

    I think ill call it finished. Sometimes I just never know when to stop. Its a more polished concept so I think for my next few Ill try to push the idea with less. This was all fun practice though. Its hard to be original regarding futuristic cities these hope you all enjoy. Feel free to email me regarding licensing rights for this.

    Purchase a print here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/26500089


  7. creativesauce:

    Derelict Factory concept

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  8. Light Space, by Maxime des Touches.